We are the PIYH (Planets In Your Hand) Team, a public outreach team from the Department of Physics of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. In this year's competition "Europlanet Funding Scheme 2017", organized by Europlanet, the European network of planetary science, two teams were awarded. Our team took one of the two funding awards given in 2017.

Europlanet will fund us for the realization of our idea "Planets in Your Hand" and the simulation of different conditions that exist on every planet of our Solar System.

In this year's competition, our proposal was to make planetary surface models, in the form of frames, presenting the specifications of each planet of our Solar System. The frames will be presented in different places (schools, universities, institutes, etc.) and will function as an interactive exhibit. This will enable all visitors, even people with disabilities, to see, learn and understand through the touch and vision the specificities of each planet.

Funding the proposal and starting construction will be done immediately, with the aim of launching the exhibition in September 2018 and running it for a year.

This website has been created as a part of the implementation of the proposal as well as social media such as facebook, instagram and tweeter. Announcements for the progression will be posted of the proposal through these means of communication.